What do You Need to Start taking Care of Your Under Eyes Area?


Eyes are the mirror of the soul. Sparkling, beautiful eyes are the best assets a woman can have. Women have the power of the attraction. You may impress a guy with an amazing eye contact.  What do you need to start to care of your eyes?

Have you looked in the mirror and seen a stranger instead? Happens to me all the time. Every time that I see in the mirror, I just appreciate the many eye bags that  inherited to my eyes.

The under eye bags appears when fluid collects in the under eyes skin, it is caused by lack of sleep. They also can result from allergies and from irritating chemicals. Alcohol and caffeine can cause mild dehydration, making dark circles more obvious. Every time you use lighteners creams your eyes and health are in danger. We can to help you take care of your skin.

Tips to prevent eye bag circles

•        Tea bags:  Try putting a wet tea bag on each eye for 15 minutes.

•        Sleep: Sleep at least eight hours of good sleep every night.

•        Cucumber: Place sliced cucumber over each eye for 15 minutes.

•        Cut the salt: Reducing salt helps to reduce to retain excess water that helps to reduce eye bag circles.

•        Clean your face properly: Before going to bed, make sure you wash off all your makeup.

Dark circles under your eyes

Every time you don’t sleep in off, you wake up with this terrible face. Don’t worry almost 90% of people suffer from dark circles under the eyes. This can be caused for many things: allergies, heredity, stress, lack of sleep, even nutritional deficiencies.  This requires special care, and a healthy lifestyle. There are external treatments that you can have to reduce or eliminate your dark eye circle. But for all these treatments if you want to see results, you have to be constantly with them.

Dark circles can appear at an early age, it is more common in older people, but they could develop at early 20’s. Some ways to prevent dark circles is having a balanced diet that includes salad, fruits, sprouts, beans, lentils, cottage cheese and yogurt in your daily diet.

Remove makeup or apply creams are essential in the prevention process.  You can use creams specially formulated for the eye area. Not all creams are right.  You should use a cream with a light texture and consistency. The cream should never be left in the area during all the night. It has to be removed with a cotton after 10 minutes.

Here is some natural treatments

•        Tomato juice

•        Cucumber and lemon juice in equal quantities

•        Use milk or iced water compress for 15 minutes in each eye

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