Ways To Prevent Dark Circles And Reduce Them

Reduce Dark Circles

Dark circles are a sign of many hidden factors. Make them less noticeable by using these target and pinpoint tips. These tips will help you target which factor is causing your circles and then offer tips to help you prevent them! Prevent dark circles with these great tips!

Determine The Culprit:

Dark circles are a result of many factors. To reduce dark circles you must first learn what causes them so you can prevent it at the source.

Genetics: Genetics are the biggest culprit. If you inherit fair or thin skin under the eyes, it’s more obvious when blood pools there (often because of slower circulation from lack of sleep). This accumulation causes fragile capillaries to stretch and leak.

Age: Age is another factor. Over time, skin loses collagen and thins, so veins show through more prominently. Sunbathing speeds up this process by breaking down collagen and mottling skin color.

Seasonal Allergies: This is to blame for many people. “They trigger the release of histamines in the body, which in turn inflame blood vessels and cause swelling,” says Ranella Hirsch, a dermatologist in Boston. To determine why your circles happen, gently stretch the skin under your eyes. If that area becomes darker, the circles are probably due to genetics or aging. If the color doesn’t change, UV rays or allergies are probably the cause.

Sleep: A lack of sleep can weaken your blood vessels in your under eyes causing them to leak. This leakage of blood pooling under your eyes causes dark circles.

Prevent Dark Circles:

Once you have determined what is causing your dark circles combat them with these tips:

Prevent Dark Circles By Sleeping More:

If your circles are the result from lack of sleep and leaking capillaries them sleep longer at night. Try to double up on pillows at night to stop blood from building up under your eyes. In the morning, apply a cold compress for about five minutes to constrict the blood vessels, says Jeannette Graf, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, in New York City. Use an eye cream with caffeine, which helps constrict vessels

Prevent Dark Circles With Creams:

If thin skin is the issue, use a collagen-building cream. “One of my top go-to ingredients is retinol,” says Hirsch. “It helps increase collagen production” one product to try is LifeCell’s dark circle correcting cream. Vitamin C also encourages production and can help brighten skin tone. Find it in all of LifeCell’s product such as their hydrating skin cream as well. And wear sunscreen daily, says Hirsch, or you’ll cancel out the benefits from any of these treatments.

Prevent Dark Circles By Tackling Allergies:

Consider taking an over-the-counter antihistamine before allergies begin to abate shadows. You can also turn to a Neti pot. These have been used by Indian yogis for centuries and they credit them with clearing up your sinus and nasal cavities. This process also clears up your under eyes and creates a younger clearer look. Here we have an article comprised of tips and info on using a Neti pot to prevent puffy eyes.

Makeup Cover-Up:

For quick circle camouflage, apply eye cream and let it dry for a few minutes. Then pat on a creamy concealer that matches your skin tone. Top with a layer of loose powder, which helps prevent makeup from caking in creases.

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