Wake Up Your Skin: How To Handle Skin Care Under Eyes

Under Eye Skin Care

Every morning you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. You hop out of bed and take a look in the mirror while you start your morning beauty routine proudly thinking “Let’s do this!” But then suddenly it hits you. Two deep dark circles under your eyes, ominously casting a shadow on your cheerful face! What to do? Here are some tips for the skin care under eyes.


Look well rested with Lifecell Cooling Under-Eye Treatment. The first signs of aging usually start to appear under your eyes which makes correct skin care under eyes essential. This cooling under eye treatment has skin-strengthening ingredients like vitamin C and retinol. It works immediately to smooth and brighten the eye area. It refreshes and reduces puffiness. It also provides refreshing on-the-go treatment because it’s so portable.


Exercise, sleep and techniques will help with skin care under eyes. Exercising improves blood flow and circulation throughout your whole body. Your under eye circles are in need of some circulation to help them out and get them on the road to disappearing. Adequate sleep is very important in eliminating under eye darkness. It is recommended to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. It is un clear why sleeping helps with under eye darkness but it is a sure fire way to reduce them. Some other techniques that can be beneficial in reducing your under eye darkness is increasing blood flow by stimulation. Gently stimulate the blood flow to your under eye area by slightly taping on your under eye area with your finger from your nose going outwards until you have reached the end of your eyebrow. The act of stimulating blood flow will help your under eyes heal and increase collagen production for great results.


Lifecell collagen supplements have all in one capabilities to keep your skin healthy from the inside out. Antioxidants are key to the healthy repair of anything in your body including your under eye area. Lifecell collagen supplement has got your antioxidant and anti aging dose covered. Another beneficial vitamin is vitamin K. It helps your blood clot correctly. It also helps heal your capillaries. Capillaries that are leaking are one factor in under eye darkness, vitamin K can be beneficial to heal them.

The next time you start your day wake up not only feeling refreshed, but looking refreshed as well. The correct under eye skin care will give your eyes a youthful boost.

Heather Herd

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As a new mom healthcare has become important to me on a whole new level. I have a passion for natural beauty and skin care tips. I believe your body is your temple and you should pamper it accordingly.

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