Top Skin Care Ingredients: The Ones That Work And The Ones To Avoid

Best Skin Care Ingredients

There are some things you want to put on your skin and some things you absolutely don’t want anywhere near your skin. These are the top skin care ingredients to look for in your products as well as the ingredients you should avoid.

Best Skin Care Ingredients:

These ingredients that follow are good for everything from anti aging to skin healing!

Retinol: Retinol will quickly heal and improve your skin. It can do this because it quickens cell repair and is even used to heal scars. Retinol is an animal protein version of vitamin A. This means it also helps with all things skin health and anti aging. Here is a more in depth explanation of retinol skin care.

Peptides:  These are short proteins that are beneficial to skin permeation and help other ingredients enter the skin better. Peptides are protein after all and protein is very beneficial to skin health and moisturizing. Here is more details on skin care using peptides.

Ascrobyl Palmitate: Famously found in oranges, another name it goes by is vitamin C. This antioxidant will give your skin the power to repair and reverse damage. Oranges are great for your diet, but this ingredient is like giving your skin a bite of a skin healing meal.

Ubiquinone: Ubiquinone is a super antioxidant. So much like retinol and ascorbyl palmitate, ubiquinone’s purpose is to heal using antioxidant power.

Deanol: Ingredients like Deanol will work to plump and firm your skin. Deanol is the only ingredient in the whole skin care world that has been proven to promote collagen production. Using LifeCell’s firming cream you can impart the benefits of Deanol onto your skin. This will soak into your skin and help tighten and repair your collagen. The results include tighter skin and the reduction of loose saggy skin.

Top Skin Care Ingredients To Avoid:

Along with the top skin care ingredients for your skin these are the top skin care ingredients to avoid.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) & Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES):
SLS and SLES are one of the very scary skin care ingredients to avoid. They are so damaging that they may even cause young children’s eyes to not develop properly because these harsh chemicals dissolve proteins. It is alarming and sad that it is only recently discovered that these chemicals are so detrimental when they have been used in skin care products and cosmetics for years. At one point they were in 90% of cosmetic products. These nasty chemicals are also used in garage floor cleaners, car washes and engine degreasers. It is a wonder why we ever thought to include them in our body care products. They are possibly cancer causing and can stay stored in the body for up to five days. Be wary of this toxic chemical in your skin care ingredients.

FD&C Color Pigments:
Cancer causing artificial colors made by coal tar containing heavy metals these cause skin irritation and can deplete oxygen in the body even resulting in death. We must watch out for these top skin care ingredients to avoid.

Mineral Oil:
One of the most horrible out of all the top skin care ingredients to avoid, mineral oil is shockingly considered a baby product! It is the main ingredient in baby oil which we put on our baby’s delicate skin. This potent chemical is a petroleum by product and harms the skins ability to eliminate toxins promoting other disorders such as acne. It also slows down cell function resulting in premature aging. And where here rubbing in on our poor babies. This is truly one of the most sneaky top skin care ingredients to avoid.

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