Top 10 Simple Beauty Tips To Start Right Away

Simple Beauty Tricks

For anti aging and beauty the top 10 simple beauty tips are sure to work wonders! These are easy to sneak into your busy routine, yet they are essential to your heath and therefore your beauty. Check out what made it into the top 10 for you to start trying right now!

1. Kick The Habit

If you have a habit of smoking there is no question about it, you should start quitting. Though you might be sick and tired of hearing the evil of cigarettes here is another reason to quit: quit smoking to stay beautiful! Smoking constricts blood flow to your beautiful skin, not to mention the rest of your body. The reduction of blood flow can give you an aged unattractive look. Simple beauty tips to quit smoking are included here: How to quit smoking for your beauty.

2. Protect Your Skin From The Sun

It’s true we revolve around the sun, literally. Our skin care routine revolves around the sun as well, but in a totally different way. If you haven’t started already, now is the perfect time to focus your beauty routine on protecting yourself from the sun. Simple beauty tricks to keep your skin beautiful (and reduce¬†sun damage) include: applying SPF everyday, wearing cover-ups, seeking shade and avoiding the peak damaging hours which is 10-4 during the day. Follow these tips and you can enjoy damage free skin.

3. Moisturize

As the years go by our body stops working like it use to. Our skin stops receiving the same level of moisture as it use to. If you are not prepared and you keep the same old routine for your changing body that won’t do. Moisturize daily to keep up with your skin’s external needs. Sip on water as well to hydrate from the inside out.

4. Cleanse Daily

Wearing makeup, sun screen and the daily bacteria that our hands put on our face can leave a lot of unwanted guests¬†on your face. Wash away these impurities with a cleanser like LifeCell’s gentle cleanser for all skin types. If the impurities are not washed away they can restrict the cell’s ability to regenerate and heal leaving your skin looking dull and causing aging.

5. Relax

When you stress your whole body switches into fight or flight mode. This mode does not regenerate your cells well. That’s why it causes you to age prematurely. Avoid the hype and tone down your stress levels. Take some time out of your day to relax and as the Bible says: “Worrying will not add another hour to your life.” It truly won’t, it will only take away hours and damage your beauty.

6. Find What Works For You

We all have our own style and personality. Find what colors and clothing styles work on you. Accentuate your positives and work with what you’ve got. The right makeup, clothes and hairstyle can really make a difference!

7. Eat Right

We are what we eat. Build your beauty out of healthy foods and reduce your cravings for unhealthy, unnecessary junk. Fill your plate with fruits and vegetables. Above all try to avoid white flour, sugar and sodium. These foods can age you beyond belief. To keep yourself healthy stick with the fruits and veggies.

8. Exercise

Exercise your way to beauty! Exercise daily to improve circulation for overall beauty and health. Simple beauty tips include exercising with weights and cardio. Cardio is great for circulation and the weights are great for toning. This will help you anti age as well.

9. Sleep For Beauty

Sleeping 7-9 hours a night will help you look your best. It will also eliminate a lot of the makeup that comes with covering up a tired face. Sleeping will improve your cell’s regeneration and give you a fresh rested look.

10. Love Yourself

When you love yourself it will shine through. Love every beautiful thing about you because no matter what you are truly beautiful and you are the only one who has yet to realize it! When you love yourself you can feel on top of the world and that kind of beauty can not be bought in stores!

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As a new mom healthcare has become important to me on a whole new level. I have a passion for natural beauty and skin care tips. I believe your body is your temple and you should pamper it accordingly.

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