Timeless Beauty Tips Courtesy Of Marilyn Monroe

Classic Beauty Tips

Though it has been 51 years since her passing, Marilyn Monroe will always be a beauty and style icon. Not many women can say the same! Marilyn was exceptionally stunning and it is no wonder that even to this day women would love to hear her beauty secrets. These timeless beauty tips that Marilyn Monroe practiced are just as sexy now as they were in her prime Hollywood career! Learn how you can channel Marilyn’s style here.

Marilyn Monroe will unquestionably be remembered as one of the most beautiful, most stylish women in history. Her sassy approach to life and beauty oozed confidence. And though her life had its ups and downs she always managed to look good! She is famously quoted saying: “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” Here are some of her timeless beauty tips that will have you looking anything but boring.

A Signature Scent

When asked what she wore to bed, Monroe once quipped: “Five drops of Chanel No. 5.” She even reportedly spiked her bathwater with the scent. The rose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang infused fragrance was her preferred.┬áBut how will you know if it’s right for you? When testing out a new fragrance, it’s best to leave it on the skin for half an hour; you might find yourself in love at first spritz, but the smell could change once it has marinated on your particular skin. If you still love it 30 minutes later, you, like Marilyn, have found your new signature scent. Timeless beauty tips like picking out the right fragrance will have you feeling totally feminine.

Red Lips That Demand Attention

You can’t argue that Marilyn popularized the beautiful red hued lip. It was her staple beauty style. To find the right shade for you, choose one that flatters not just your skin tone but also your eye color. Orange-reds look great on women with hazel, light brown, and green eyes, says makeup artist Tim Quinn. True reds are for true blues, and berry shades flatter dark brown eyes.

Sassy Arched Eye Brows

Monroe made a point with her sassy arched brows. Brow stencils can guide you to the perfect curve. If you’re nervous about changing the shape of your brows, see a pro groomer for your first time. After getting a great shape from an expert, you can maintain it on your own. Eye brows are essential for framing your eyes and classic beauty tips include keeping your eye brows in a fashionably groomed condition just like Marilyn did.


Maintaining her gorgeous skin was essential to the star. She moisturized night and day. You can use a moisturizer popular to celebrity skin care like the LifeCell moisturizer for anti aging skin which uses hyaluronic acid. Whether it’s a celebrity like┬áMarilyn Monroe or modern celebrities like Christina Milian timeless beauty tips include moisturizing your skin so it can be healthy.

Glowing Skin

Marilyn had a glow that the cameras couldn’t help but capture. To get glowing skin like Marilyn’s try your best to eat a healthy diet. You skin can also benefit from exercise and sleeping well. Exercise can bring a natural glow to your skin as well as bring nutrients that can keep it lively and healthy. Sleep can do everything from improving your mood to improving your beauty and skin.

How can we resist to try out these timeless beauty tips? The beauty icon herself would approve!

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