The Experts Have Spoken: Dermatologist Advice On Skin Care

Skin Care Advice From Dermatologists

Who could possibly have more skin and anti aging expertise than a dermatologist? Dermatologist advice on skin care might revolutionize the way you care for your skin. The anti aging whisperers have spoken; hear what they have to say about your skin’s health.

The power of protection:

Dermatologists can’t stress this tip enough. The sun damages your skin at the cellular level and is responsible for more than aging, it is responsible for skin cancer. Pour on the sun screen before you head out of the house.


Dermatologist advice on skin care prescribes a diet high in omega-3. This can be found in flax seeds, salmon and halibut. If eating fish isn’t your thing try supplements.


Moisturizing will provide a protective barrier on your skin that has even been shown to be anti bacterial. Dermatologist advice on skin care is to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out. Hydration from the inside is responsible for proper cell function and elimination of wastes. This includes drinking sufficient amounts of water and moisturizing topically as well.


Stress can lead to acne and psoriasis. Stress is also a factor in pre-mature aging. Dermatologists  recommend finding at least 10 minutes to wind down every day.


“Ingredients—like sunscreen and antioxidants in the morning and retinoids and  peptides at night—work better as a team,” says New Orleans dermatologist Mary Lupo, MD. Lifecell products are a wonderful dermatologist recommended product that is chockfull of antioxidants and retinols. Dermatologists highly recommend it for anti aging.

Avoid impact:

Just as running is damaging to the firmness of your breasts it is also damaging to the delicate skin on your face. Oakland, CA, dermatologist Katie Rodan, MD advises using an elliptical or bicycle instead of subjecting your skin to such damaging movement.

Skip the salt:

Sodium in processed foods and drinks are the culprit behind puffy skin on your face. Puffy skin is a real ager. To eliminate these unnecessary water buildups eliminate the unnecessary salt from your diet.

Cut back on the sweets:

The break down of sugar in your body is largely responsible for wrinkles. Sugar causes collagen loss and in turn sagging skin. Skin care advice from dermatologists urge you to cut back and keep your skin youthful.

Lift weights:

Patricia Farris, MD, a dermatologist in Metairie, LA advises that lifting weights will firm your skin from the neck down. Firm muscle tone will keep your skin youthful and plump.

Drink tea:

Amy Wechsler, MD, an NYC dermatologist recommends drinking tea for their EGCG and theaflavin compounds. These great compounds have been linked to preventing skin cancer and collagen loss. Collagen loss is a major factor in aging.

Dermatologists have a genuine interest in helping you protect your skin. Follow these tips that dermatologists do to their own skin and you will have youthful skin for years to come.


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