The Best Beauty Secrets From Celebrities

Natural Beauty Secrets

Celebrities get help from the most coveted makeup artists. Here are some of their best beauty secrets exposed! Enhance you natural beauty with these simple tricks!

The stars have a knack for looking flawless, but don’t worry they do have professionals behind their looks. The professionals who care for their beauty use certain tricks that keep their hair and skin looking flawless. Here are some tricks used by makeup artists to stars such as Jessica Biel and Salma Hayek!

Kate Bosworth’s Glow:

Beautiful Kate Bosworth, who wowed audiences with her performance in Blue Crush, loves to care for her face. Best beauty secrets that she employs include face masks. She uses facial masks a few times a week and even while traveling. She claims that they instantly tighten and brighten her skin. She usually gets customized treatments but you can try these facials for anti aging at home!

Trick For Luminous Skin From Georgia Jagger & Claire Danes

For their fresh complexion, Georgia Jagger and Claire Danes have a simple trick. By mixing an eye repair cream with gold powder eye shadow they achieve a combination for their skin that lasts all day. Try a LifeCell eye repair cream for this beauty trick and apply it at the top of your cheek bones for a wonderful effect.

Jessica Biel’s Secret For Hair Volume:

For hair that looks good all night try these best beauty secrets: switch off using hot and cold air during the blow-dry process. Cold air holds the hair’s shape and keeps the roots lifted for eight to nine hours. This tip comes from Oscar Blandi in regard to his clients Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba.

Salma Hayek’s Cleansing Diet:

Natural beauty tricks include dieting. Salma Hayek is a fan of juicing. She goes on cleansing diets to get her body on track. Many celebrities use vegan chefs to create healthy juices for them. If you are interested in cleansing and juicing for beauty try drinking skin tightening juices and these skin cleansing tips.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Up Do How To:

It turns out that dry shampoo, not hair spray, is the way to stop your style from collapsing. “Spray bobby pins with dry shampoo before placing them in your hair” says coif pro Mark Townsend, the man behind Jennifer Lawrence’s beautiful hair. “The starch in the product creates a small  amount of friction between the hair and the pin, giving it extra hold.” Here are some cool up do’s to try this trick with.

More Best Beauty Secrets

Sun Screen: No celebrity would be complete without the proper skin protection. Aside from very good genetics celebrities also slather on sun screen to keep their skin looking good into their old age! Broad spectrum sun screen with an SPF of at least 15 is the best choice to apply before you go out.

Cleanser: Celebrity skin care includes daily cleansing. Harsh chemicals can make daily contact with your skin and it is best to wash them away. Every time you touch your face you are leaving grimy bacteria that causes acne onto your skin. A skin care cleanser is the best way to give bacteria the boot and here’s why: When your skin cells die they tend to stay on the upper layer of your face. They can hide your natural glow and make your complexion appear tired and dull even though it’s truly not. Cleanser works to remove dead skin cells and promote new cell growth. As mentioned in the exfoliator section dead skin cells can rest upon your skin and prevent new growth. Dead skin can also suffocate new skin from growing. So when your new skin grows it is not as healthy and causes premature aging. Free your new cells and let them regenerate naturally by clearing your skin from old cells with a skin care cleanser. By doing so you will make room for new healthy growth and reduce aging.

The best beauty secrets from celebrities is ultimately about taking the best care of your body, just like a celebrity does. Even though you might not have a celebrity budget you can still follow these tips for smooth, healthy and youthful skin!


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