The Benefits Of Skin Care Exfoliators For Skin Health

Exfoliating Skin Care

Exfoliation is essential to bring out your beautiful natural glow. Don’t let your skin be taken over by that layer of dead skin hiding it, exfoliate to reveal your flawless skin. Here is a short guide on skin care exfoliators.

As mentioned, for maintaining the beauty and radiance of the skin, it is important to use skin care exfoliators to remove dead skin buildup. But remember that you have to be gentle to your skin. Abrasive products available on the market should be avoided because they take away good skin along with the dead skin cells. This can be very damaging to your skin. Instead try these methods:

Exfoliating Facial Scrubs

  • A very easy and inexpensive way of making a homemade exfoliating facial scrub is to mix organic white sugar with extra virgin organic olive oil and to create a thick paste out of it, which can be readily applied.
  • Baking soda mixed with water also works as an excellent exfoliating agent who can be applied directly to the areas which need them.
  • Used coffee seeds when grounded and mixed with olive oil, is another good exfoliating scrub that can be made at home and can be applied once or twice a week.

Exfoliating Facial Masks

Use of fruits while making a home made skin care exfoliators is very effective. The reason behind this is the hydroxyl acidic compounds that are present in the fruits in abundance. These agents act as “glue” to attach all the dead cells on the facial skin together, which can be taken off when the mask dries.

  • Take a good amount of fruits such as banana, papaya, kiwi, pineapple or peach and mash them in a blunder. Mix the paste with small quantities of yogurt or honey. Apply the mixture to your skin for some 15 minutes and rinse with cold water.
  • Clay is also an excellent exfoliating agent and a mixture with distilled water and glycerin can work very well for oily skins or any type of skin in general.
  • You can finish up the exfoliation process with LifeCell’s skin repair treatment for ultimate skin healing.

Exfoliating The Body

  • The solutions suggested in the article can be used for whole body exfoliation when used in larger quantities.
  • Mash some avocados and mix them with corn meal to make a good natural exfoliating scrub which can be used over the body.

More on exfoliating skin care can be found here in homemade skin exfoliators. For more home remedies try these:

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