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Easy Makeup Tricks To Look Younger Than You Really Are!

Makeup Styles To Look Younger

Makeup is a genuinely a form of art in and of itself. Makeup can be a form of self-expression and experimentation. Everyone has their own preference and style for how they wear their makeup. There is one common denominator when it comes to makeup: when people wear it they wear it to enhance their beauty […]

Blue Eyed Beauty: Makeup Tricks For Blue Eyes

Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes

Experiment with these sassy makeup tricks for blue eyes. Enhance your eyes with the right colors and techniques! Try showing off your eyes with the following color tips.

Dazzling Eye Makeup Tricks For Black Women

Makeup Ideas For Black Women

Show off your dazzling eyes with these eye makeup tricks for black women! Color tips as well as the best type of eye shadow is covered. Learn what trends are hot for accentuating your eyes.

Things To Try For A Fresh Faced Makeup Look

Fresh Makeup Look

Tired of the sophisticated look and want to opt for a more natural makeup look this fall season? These tips on achieving a fresh faced makeup look will help you achieve that flawless beauty without a thick layer of makeup. Read on to see what recommendations you can try.

A teenager’s Life is Not easy

A teenager's Life is Not easy

All ladies know how hard is being a teenage girl. You have to look your best all the time. During this process, your body start to change in many different ways. Your hairs start to grow in new places, your voice gets different, your period appears, the acne appears. A teenager’s life is not easy. […]

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