Summer Beauty Tips

take care of your skin this summer with this amazing tips

When temperatures soar, your hair and skin need extra care. We want to show you some measures to take in warm weather. We want to keep you looking gorgeous all summer long. Humidity is our hair and skin’s worst enemy but with these amazing summer beauty tips  and humidity   won’t be a problem anymore.


Tips for Your Hair

During summertime you hair needs more conditioning than ever. People think that the sun is one of their hair’s enemies, but they aren’t taking into consideration the amount of damage that salt water and pool water can cause.  Before you take a dip at the beach, lake or pool you should apply some conditioner or UV protection and coverage because your hair becomes more vulnerable to UV damage and color lightening. Once you get out of the water make sure to wash your hair in order to remove saltwater or chlorine that your hair picked up. Remember that chlorine can change your hair’s texture, especially if you have light hair. Many people state that chlorine is worse than saltwater.


The latest summer trends involve more texture in your hair and maybe it is time to let your hair naturally curl.  We suggest using curl control products, which help define your curls and reduce your frizz. Never blow-dry your hair, as it will break up the curls.  If you prefer your straight hair look, be sure to use an anti-humectant, which will keep hair smooth by repelling moisture.


Skin Care Tips

During summer your face will need special care. Wash your face twice per day with and special cleanser; the perfect ones for summer are the ones that have oil in them. Remember that skin needs extra hydration during these months.

Exfoliate dead cells from your skin at least 2 times per week; the perfect time is every 3 days. You may use a non-abrasive exfoliation for your face.

As mentioned before, during summer your skin needs special hydration, and the best and easiest way is to always drink water. Try to drink 2 liters every day and you will see the difference. Frequently spritz water on your face to keep your skin moist.

The most important thing you can do for your skin is protect it.  Sun is the most powerful skin-aging agent, so remember you HAVE to protect it from the sun. Sunscreens with higher SPFs are helpful to block more harmful rays which mean more protection. Use high SPF sunscreen or remember to frequently re apply. A balanced diet will also help to keep your skin hydrated.


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