Skin Care Basics To Keep Your Skin Healthy

Basics On Skin Care

The skin care basics everyone needs to know! Practice these basics and your skin will be healthy and supple. This advice goes for all ages and for men or women.

Eat Right:

Don’t bombard your skin with processed foods, eat healthy! A healthy skin care diet is one that is free of white flour, sugar or sodium. Load your diet with fruits and vegetables. Berries, fish, broccoli, carrots, and leafy greens are especially good for your skin. Basics on skin care also include hydrating. Drink 7-9 glasses of water a day to keep your skin in good health.


While you sleep your body repairs the day’s damage. Skin care basics include letting your body truly heal and repair by sleeping 7-9 hours. A lack of sleep can cause under eye damage and aging. Keep your skin healthy by sleeping enough.


Skin care basics include getting a workout. Workout often, at least 3-4 times a week, to keep your skin in top shape. Cardio like kick boxing or dancing is a fun way to get circulation going for your skin. Exercise will increase blood flow and help anti age.

Steer Clear Of The Sun:

If dermatologists could give their patients one piece of advice it’s this: stay away from the sun. The sun damages your skin much like being in an oven damages and changes the skin of a baking chicken, it’s truly that bad. To keep your skin away from this damage avoid the sun and tanning booths as much as possible. Do not worry you will get enough vitamin D even if you are not out in the sun as much. It only takes 15 minutes an entire week to get enough vitamin D. Don’t let tanning salon owners fool you, you will not become vitamin D deficient. Avoid the sun especially between 9-4 and always apply sun screen before you go out.


Elements (such as the sun) really take a toll on your skin. Keep your skin in check by moisturizing. Moisturizing will add moisture to potentially dried out skin and help it keep moisture in. A good anti aging moisturizer by LifeCell is a cream that moisturizes and anti ages. If you are looking to treat both skin issues at once this is a great option.

Be Stress Free:

Stress will only add years onto your look. It is hard to be stress free, but every little bit less counts. Unwind each day for at least ten minutes. If you are bombarded with troubles just take it easy. This is a difficult task but reducing it as much as you can is really essential to your skin’s health. Being less stressed let’s your skin heal and regenerate better. To try and de-stress why not try a chocolate massage?

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As a new mom healthcare has become important to me on a whole new level. I have a passion for natural beauty and skin care tips. I believe your body is your temple and you should pamper it accordingly.

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