Simple Routine to Help With Your Dry Skin

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Do you have a dry skin? Do you have a special routine for taking care of it? There are many things that you can do to improve your skin, you just need to make a few adjustments to your daily skin care routine.

Sometimes people don’t know anything about their skin type and what we want is to help you recognize the condition of your skin. Do you feel your skin dry, tight, itchy, sore or sensitive sometimes? Then you probably have a dry skin type. Dry skin has a low level of sebum, which is an inability to retain moisture and it may be the reason for the sensitiveness of your skin. Chapping, cracking and sensitivity are also signs of dry skin. You should not worry; there are many measures to take for the improvement of your skin.

Here is a simple routine to help with your dry skin.

  • Use mineral water to wash your face. The tap water may have deposits that are too dry for the skin.
  • During the morning apply some mineral water instead of washing it. Once you spray the water apply some moisturizer, it hydrates the skin giving it a soft and moist look.
  • Cleanse your dry skin once per day. Use oils with nutrients that will protect your skin. If you suffer from dry skin do not wash your face twice per day, instead of washing, spray some water and you will see the differences.
  • Touch your face gently.
  • Use cotton pads to apply baby oil on your face, massage every night before going to bed.


Now that we have provided this special routine, we want to share some homemade beauty tips against dry skin. It’s very important for us to help you improve your skin conditions. If you practice this routine everyday and wear these natural facemasks at least twice a week, we promise you will see and feel important changes on your skin. Are you ready for this?


  • Natural exfoliants: Try different exfoliants and find the one that is better for you. Sometimes the most effective products are inside your own kitchen. Mix one greek yogurt with a cup of papaya mash. This is the safest exfoliant for dry skin because it exfoliates using lactic acid, not scrubbing granules. You will see the difference after the first time.
  • · Olive oil mask: If you are feeling that your skin needs extra hydration, you should add a thin layer of extra-virgin olive oil on your skin for a few minutes and remove it. Olive oil will give your skin all the essential hydration it needs.


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