Pregnancy Beauty Tips by Life Cell

Pregnancy Beauty Tips by Life Cell

Pregnancy is the most important moment in a woman’s life. It’s a life-changing event in which your hormones start to work on a different way.  Your body is rapidly changing and all of it affects your appearance. But who said that pregnancy and beauty can’t go side by side? Every single pregnant woman is beautiful. It’s like a shinning light that everybody can feel. A lot of women are scare for their body, but if you have a healthy pregnancy everything will be under control. Your skin and your body could be the same after your baby.

Diet is one of the most important things you need to take into consideration. It will help your body and your baby. You should eat five or six well-balanced meals each day. Being pregnant could be lovely if you take good care of yourself. During pregnancy all of your body’s features change. The increase in hormone levels is the main cause of physical changes. Acne during pregnancy can also be caused by this increase. Androgens are the specific hormones that generate acne during pregnancy. Once androgens start to increase the sebaceous glands release more oil than ever before and once the pores clog out, the breakout is inevitable. There is no prevention for the acne as in many occasions it is part of the process. But you if you have a good care of your skin you will reduce.

Here are different ways to treat the acne during pregnancy:

• Wash your face with an oil free facial wash only two times per day. Do not use scrub.

• Moisturizing the skin is very important and the facial conditioner should also be oil free.

• Dry your face with a soft towel until the skin is free from running water.


During pregnancy, women can find patches of pigmentation on their face, which are called melasma (also known as “pregnancy mask“).  This occurs because of the rising levels of estrogen, which cause melanocytes, creating a darker color. It appears in visible places, so it is very upsetting for some women. You can work on this problem using sunscreen daily. Even if it is wintertime, all women who suffer from miasma, must always use sunscreen. It’s very important take care of your skin while pregnant.


Stretch marks

Stretch marks are these fine red lines that appear around your body once the stomach starts to grow. If you keep your skin hydrated, you can highly reduce them. Use some natural treatments, are always the best choice.

There are some treatments for stretch marks:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Eat a skin-nourishing diet
  • Use cocoa butter
  • Use Rosa mosqueta oil


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