Pep Up Your Skin: Skin Care With Peptides

Skin Care Including Peptides

The world of skin care can be a confusing maze to go through. There are so many products out there but how can we know which ones will truly help our skin care needs? One way to navigate through this difficult maze is to take a dermatologist’s advice. When it comes to anti aging, dermatologists recommend skin care with peptides. Learn what products with peptides will do to rejuvenate your look.

Peptides are short chains of proteins. They are the basic building blocks of proteins and other molecules. Peptides are often made during the digestion of proteins in the body. Lots of peptides are readily and rapidly absorbed in the bloodstream. For this reason, skin care including peptides are particularly effective as ingredients which will help reduce wrinkles and improve skin quality.

Eye Saver:

When dermatologists are asked how a patient can improve the skin under their eyes dermatologists recommend using skin care with peptides like LifeCell’s under eye cream. Be careful to also manage your salt intake, get enough sleep and try to not rub the area around your eyes. If you have allergies or sinusitis, be sure to keep them under control as much as possible since that can also contribute to the puffiness in this area. The under-eye area is also one place where stress shows very quickly, so managing your stress is helpful as well. Peptides are also great for firming your skin. Dermatologists also recommend that any firming cream you use contain peptides as well.

Anti Aging Wonders:

Skin care with peptides are great for fighting wrinkles. There are many lotions out there but you have to know how to select the best ones. For anti aging and wrinkle fighting make sure the ingredients include peptides and retinol. Peptides also boost collagen production. Collagen is the great plumpness underneath your skin that keeps it firm and youthful. As we age, collagen production takes a steep turn. When collagen breaks down, it forms specific peptides. These peptides act to inform the skin it was damaged and that it needs to make new collagen. Applying peptides to the skin can be a way to trick the skin into thinking that it has lost collagen recently and that t needs to make more. The result of collagen aid will help you anti age.

There is ample research showing that copper is an effective agent in healing skin. It’s no wonder that it has been used for years to help remedy chronic wounds. Since peptides are very small (microscopic), they are able to deeply penetrate the skin’s protective barriers, and get to layers of skin that many compounds can not. Copper peptides often promote collagen production and work as antioxidants. They may be essential for healing and regeneration of the epidermis and to help remove damaged collagen.

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