Makeup Tricks For Droopy Eyelids: Accentuate Your Beautiful Eyes

Makeup Tricks For Droopy Eyes

Accentuate your eyes with dazzling makeup. Try these makeup tricks for droopy eyelids to conceal sagging lids and brighten your eyes. These tricks will work wonders!

If your eyelids aren’t as taut as they used to be, blame sun damage, pollution, and years of squinting. All of these factors contribute to the collagen breakdown that makes the delicate skin of the eyelid become loose. You can conceal under eye bags but there’s no hiding a sagging upper eyelid. Smearing concealer on the upper eyelid won’t fix the problem. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, a drooping eyelid may worsen or shrink over time; it depends on genetics and your skin care. Some women opt for cosmetic surgery to lift the lid up but that’s not your only option. Makeup tricks for droopy eyelids work wonders, even on saggy upper eyelids! Apply these seven makeup tricks for droopy eyelids to your eyes and give the illusion of lift.

Dark Eyebrows

Darken the brow to create upper eye definition. Touch the brows with brow powder and apply it with an angled brush. Only darken brows slightly, an excessive change will make you look a bit freakish.

Dual Eyeliner

Wear dual eyeliner. Apply think black eyeliner to the top of the lash line. For the under eye, use light feathery strokes and sable or light-brown eyeliner.

Liquid Eye Shadow

Dab liquid eye shadow in the crease. Choose a shade that is one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone. It is recommended to use liquid eye shadow because it is easier to apply with your fingertip and doesn’t crease like powder. Feel around the eye socket to find the eye crease first.

How To Highlight

Highlight under the brow with white, bone, sand or cream colored eyeshadow. This gives the illusion of lift! Blend the two shadows together where they meet with a soft eyeshadow brush.

White Eye Liner

Dot white eyeliner in the center of the upper brow, right in the eyebrow arch. This is another way to make the eye space look wider.

Facial Highlighter

Sweep a light-illuminating facial highlighter on the apples of your cheeks, near the outside of the eyes. It is recommended to use a white/pink powder blend but you can also use a highlighting pen. Make sure you use one that reflects the light.

Dark Eye Lashes

Dip a liner brush in a dark brown, black or gray eyeshadow. Touch the liner brush to the base of the eyelashes before your mascara dries. If you make the lashes look fuller and darker, your eyelids will look tighter.

Bonus Makeup Tricks For Droopy Eyes

Brow Pencil: Defined brows go a long way toward lifting the eyes; look for a  pencil with a dry texture (too creamy and it will smudge).
Eyeshadow  Stick: A creamy formula is easy to blend up and out at the outer corner of the eyelids.
Pearly Shadow: Silvery tones work well on pale skin; a peach or gold sheen is best for medium  to dark complexions.
1. To make lids appear more lifted, create a defined brow arch that peaks above the outer edge of your iris when looking straight  ahead.
2. With a creamy dark brown eyeshadow stick, draw a triangle at  the outer corner of the lids. Blend it upward so the color fades into the crease.
3. Line only the inner rim of your lower lashline with brown pencil to define your eyes without drawing attention downward (which can make  eyes appear droopy).
4. For a pop of color, blend purple eye shadow over your lids.
5. Dab a pearly powder shadow on the inner corner of  your eyes to brighten the shadows cast by heavy lids.
6. Curl your lashes, which helps the eyes look more open. Apply two coats of black mascara  (or, like our model, false lashes) to enhance the wide-eyed effect.

Besides these makeup trick for droopy eyelids try LifeCell’s all in one anti aging cream or their LifeCell firming eye cream. LifeCell creams can work wonders to tighten your skin for a youthful look.

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