Look Younger By Using These Skin Tightening Natural Remedies

Tightening Skin Naturally

A sagging neck is one of the most feared signs of aging. But no need to fear! You can improve and firm your neck and facial skin with exercise. Here are some skin tightening natural remedies to try for firmer skin.

Two main muscles make up your neck—the  sternocleidomastoid and the platysma. Together, these muscles flex, rotate and  move your neck. If they are weak or soft, the skin on the neck is often saggy. Facial exercises tone both of these muscles to reduce sagging skin, jowls or a  double chin. One of the most obvious signs of aging is the lack of firmness in the skin. As we age our skin loses the elasticity that it had in our younger years, and this causes it to become loose and appear saggy. This is often most obvious on  the face and neck. There are many people who choose to go down the surgical route in order to fix this issue, but this comes with risks, and is also too expensive for many people’s budgets. The best alternative method to tighten and lift neck skin is to do exercises. Here are some skin tightening natural remedies for you to try.

Tightening Skin Naturally With Exercise

These exercises are a good mix of stretching and working out your neck and lower facial muscles. They should be repeated once or twice a day, and should become a part of your everyday routine. By doing them regularly for the rest of your life, your neck will be stronger and more flexible, so that it’s less likely to get damaged or injured. What’s more, you’ll have a firmer neck with less saggy skin!

  • Place one hand on your forehead. Push your head against it without letting it go forwards. You should feel your neck muscles working. Hold this position for about 10 seconds. Then clasp your hands behind your head, and push backwards to create pressure, and again hold for about ten seconds.
  • Sit down with your back straight. Lift your head back so that your chin is pointing toward the ceiling with your lips closed. Next make a chewing motion with your mouth. You’ll feel your neck and facial muscles being worked. Repeat about 20 times.
  • This is similar to the above. Again sit with a straight back, lift your head so that your chin points to the ceiling with your lips together. But this time, pout your lips in a sort of kissing motion, this will feel as effective as exercise two, but working different parts of your neck and face.
  • Be careful with this one, it could strain your neck. Lie on the bed with your head hanging over the edge. Slowly and carefully lift your head up towards your torso, using your neck. Slowly and carefully lower it back down. Repeat this about 5 times, but make sure you stop immediately if you feel any pain.

Skin Tightening Natural Remedies For Your Neck

This exercise helps to tighten the neck and reduce  sagging skin. Sit or stand up straight and look straight ahead. Put your index  finger and thumb on either side of your throat. Lift your chin up and gently  pull the skin down. Repeat 10 times.

Front of Neck

This exercise tightens and tones the platysma muscle. Lie face up on your bed with your head hanging on the edge and your neck just at  the edge. Slowly lift your head toward your chest, using the muscles at the  front of your neck to lift your head. Hold for 10 seconds.


This exercise uses the movement of your tongue to work  your neck muscles. Close your mouth and press the tip of your tongue against  your bottom teeth. Over the count of 10, press harder and harder. When you reach  10, pause and hold the pressure, counting to six. Slowly release and  simultaneously press two fingers into the hollow of your neck.

Platysma Exercise

The platysma is the muscle located at the front of the  neck. Aging, genetics and excess weight can soften this muscle, resulting in  loose skin on the neck. This exercise helps tighten and tone the platysma  muscle. Sit or stand up straight and tilt your chin up to the ceiling.  Simultaneously, press your tongue into the roof of your mouth, tightening the  muscles along the front of your neck. Slowly bring your chin down to your neck,  keeping your tongue pressed into the roof of your mouth. You should feel the  platysma muscle tensing as you move your head up and down.

Sternocleidomastoid Stretch

Look straight ahead of you and rotate your head to the  right, so your eyes are looking over your right shoulder. Keep your shoulders  down throughout the move. Relax and perform on the left side. Next, rotate your  head forward, tilting your chin down to your chest. Relax and tilt your chin up  to the ceiling.

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