How LifeCell Benefits Your Delicate Skin Needs

Lifecell Advantages

Getting healthy skin is a priority. Using LifeCell products is a great way to provide your skin and over all beauty, including hair and nails, with nutrients for healing and anti aging. Learn how LifeCell benefits your skin!

LifeCell Offers Instant Results

Forget surgery and chemical peels. To rejuvenate your skin a simple application of LifeCell’s face cream is all it takes! LifeCell benefits include a youthful appearance after just one application! The results should appear in about 17 seconds. This is one of the LifeCell advantages because other creams report weeks of application before significant improvement. With LifeCell you can get these results with one application. The tech behind LifeCell uses phenomenal ingredints to repair. For the instant results that is where the nano prisms come into play. The tiny nano prisms that are included in the LifeCell cream will fit inside your wrinkles reflecting any light out! What this equals is flawless looking wrinkle free skin. The prisms reflect light and therefore repel any shadow creating the appearance of no wrinkles. This is all done without surgery or harmful ingredients all it takes is the innovative prisms. Of course for ultimate healing and rejuvenation it will take the continual application but for appearances LifeCell works instantly!

LifeCell Uses Organic Ingredients

Pesticides are known carcinogens which means they are known to cause cancer. Why would you put them on your sensitive delicate skin? Especially when you want to be reversing sun damage that causes cancer, not promoting it! With LifeCell comes organic ingredients. These ingredients have been produced without the use of pesticides and therefore when you use LifeCell you are promoting the organic movement while keeping your skin pesticide and chemical free! Here you can learn more about chemicals that are harmful for your skin.

LifeCell Is Against Animal Testing

LifeCell is cruelty free and is even PETA friendly! This means that they have regards for animal welfare and guilt free products. No animals were tested during the creation and experimentation of any product they offer. Their motto is “Test Products on Celebrities, NOT Animals”.

Environmentally Friendly

The LifeCell brand is passionate about our environment and animals. All of their ingredients come from responsible sourcing and are not tested on animals. They take pride in the fact that the materials used to package and ship their products are 100% recyclable. As a green company they will do their best to keep conscious about the environment during every stage of our product’s creation, packaging, and delivery.

LifeCell Benefits For Your Skin

LifeCell uses top of the line ingredients. The ingredients have been combined for optimal results. Ingredients like Deanol. Deanol is considered a great ingredient to treat sagging skin. Speaking at the American Academy of Dermatology meet, Dr. Patricia Farris excitedly said “This is the first time that we have seen evidence that any topical treatment could be helpful in treating the anatomic [muscular] changes that occur as a result of aging. Split face studies showed that patients using topical DMAE show appreciable lifting of the eyebrows, jowls and cheeks.” LifeCell also uses ascorbyl palmitate. Ascorbyl palmitate is a fat soluble form of Vitamin C.  According to the Mayo Clinic, “Topical vitamin C may reduce wrinkles, thicken skin and protect against sun damage. Vitamin C is an antioxidant nutrient that helps recycle vitamin E. It also promotes collagen formation.  It repairs and protects skin by stimulating cell renewal and increasing healthy circulation.”

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