Healthy Skin: Male Grooming Tips For Healthy Skin

Grooming Tips For Men

Men often don’t give their skin the proper care. Caring for your skin will benefit your health and your confidence. These male grooming tips will shed light on what simple tips will keep acne away and aging at bay.

Grooming Tips For Men On Choosing The Right Sun Screen:

Sun screen is essential for your health and it will provide anti aging benefits. Unfortunately, 47 percent of men report never wearing sunscreen, compared to 34 percent of women. Daily sunscreen application reduces risk of melanoma by half, so slather it on each morning. Mole checks are also a must. Check your body for strange moles that could signal health risks. Try to avoid sun exposure during the sun’s most damaging period which is 9-4 during the day.

The Right Routine:

Your routine should include the obvious basics. From flossing to keeping your nails clean, beauty tips regarding men means the proper hygiene is necessary. Besides the obvious an overlooked tip men often don’t use is to add cleansing to their daily routine. Hair gel and sculpting pastes for your hair can lead to acne break outs around your face. An all in one soap might sound great, but it can really take a toll on your skin. All in one soap can be harsh and strip moisture over time, drying out skin and causing irritation and even eczema, so opt for a gentle cleanser. Cleansing with a gentle product like a LifeCell cleanser will give your skin the treatment it has been missing.

Male Grooming Tips: How To Choose The Right Shaving Cream

Instead of a shaving gel go for a cream based shaving cream. The gel based shaving products usually contain more alcohol which contributes to dry and irritated skin. A cream will make your shave smoother.

The Right Exercise:

Beauty tips for men includes physical exercise. Don’t let your skin and body become unhealthy from the inside out. Get exercise into your day. For the best results exercise at least an hour a day 3-4 days a week. Weight lifting and aerobics for circulation will do the best for your body. Weight lifting will strengthen your muscles and sculpt your body. Remember no pain, no gain! The pain is well worth the results of a healthier body.

Male Grooming Tips For Your Feet:

Use a pumice stone to clean your feet. Remove any dead skin building up on the heels. Odor-causing bacteria feeds on dead skin. Beauty tips for men includes keeping your feet in good condition. Smelly feet are a no for any one. Using a pumice stone will remove the dead skin and leave your feet clean, smooth and fresh.

Moisturizer For Men

Male grooming tips wouldn’t be complete without the right moisturizer. Choose one that has moisturizing ingredients like Shea butter and vitamin E. LifeCell’s moisturizer for all skin types is an example of a quality moisturizer that men love to use. The LifeCell moisturizer can help anti age as well as smooth and soothe your skin. Moisturizing your face is very important. Constant shaving can strip moisture and it is best to follow up a shaving session with a quality moisturizer. For smooth skin be sure to include moisturizing as part of your daily healthy skin routine.

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