Easy Makeup Tricks To Look Younger Than You Really Are!

Makeup Styles To Look Younger

Makeup is a genuinely a form of art in and of itself. Makeup can be a form of self-expression and experimentation. Everyone has their own preference and style for how they wear their makeup. There is one common denominator when it comes to makeup: when people wear it they wear it to enhance their beauty not take away from it. When you wear makeup you want it to make you look beautiful and play to your strengths. Here you can learn some simple makeup tricks to look younger that will have you playing to your strengths and taking years of your look.

Enhance Your Eyes

If you feel your eyelids getting a little heavier than you’d like, open them up with two miracle-working products: an eyelash curler and white (or nude) eyeliner. Curling your lashes will instantly open up your eye, and a touch of white liner in the inner corner of your eye, and along the waterline, creates the illusion of a bright, wide awake eyes. Here are more makeup tricks to enhance eyes and makeup tricks for droopy eye lids. Using these eye makeup tricks to look younger will really open up your eyes and reveal your beautiful peepers.

Avoid Dramatic Dark Makeup

Through out our youth we might have opted to go for dramatic dark makeup and lipsticks that made us look distinguished and elegant. But as we get older this look can really make women look older than they really are. Instead of going with the bold dramatic look of your youth try a more natural approach and go for less makeup. Try using soft pinks and minimal makeup to leave your skin looking natural and young.

Avoid Powders

Just like caked-on concealer, powder has a tendency to settle into fine lines and creases, making you look older. Instead, swap your powder for a luminescent highlighter for a dewy, youthful complexion. If you need to set your makeup with powder choose a loose translucent option and avoid the eye area altogether.

Get Rosy

Flushed, rosy cheeks are an eternal sign of vitality and youth, so add a touch of color to your face with a dab of cream blush on the apples of your cheek. The creamy consistency will sit beautifully on your skin without sinking into fine lines.

Use A Good Moisturizer

Whether it is for your eyes or your whole face and neck a good moisturizer is the foundation for your makeup. Without healthy skin underneath how can makeup do its job fully?  Try LifeCell’s anti aging eye cream and their LifeCell best face moisturizer. Using moisturizer with retinol like the LifeCell moisturizers will keep your skin younger looking and supple and is perfect in combination with your makeup.

Thicker Eye Brows

Makeup tricks to look younger don’t stop with your eyes they include your eye brows. Because brows tend to thin out with age, filling them in is a quick way to shave off the years. Thicker eye brows can really improve your look and you will enjoy the difference of natural looking eyebrows versus thin ones.

There are many makeup styles to look younger. Besides the makeup tricks to look younger mentioned above try out these tips as well:

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