Dazzling Eye Makeup Tricks For Black Women

Makeup Ideas For Black Women

Show off your dazzling eyes with these eye makeup tricks for black women! Color tips as well as the best type of eye shadow is covered. Learn what trends are hot for accentuating your eyes.

Here are the top eye makeup ideas for black women.

Less Is More!

Moderation is important. When your eyes are bright the rest of your makeup look should be clean. That means if you go for bright eyes, go for a more neutral shade for your lips. That way the focus will be on your beautiful bright eyes. If you do go for the color all over look, consider graduating the color. Use several shadows in the same color family to achieve an effect where the color is darker on the lid and under the brow bone and then becomes lighter and lighter as you go upwards to the eyebrow.

Eyes That Demand Attention

Eye makeup tricks for black women include making your eyes more dramatic by applying a complimentary shadow to the crease. Using a crease brush, use a back-and-forth sweeping motion to apply shadow from the inner crease of the eye to the outer corner.

Lining Your Eyes with Green Liner

Try out fierce eye makeup tricks for black women like this one: line the bottom lid directly under the lash line  with a vibrant green pencil. Then, line the inner rim of the eye in a deeper, contrasting shade. Using dark brown or black will deliver the most striking results.

Shimmering Beauty

For this look you’ll want to choose a vibrant shimmer or iridescent shadow shade. To achieve maximum staying power (as well as a nifty metallic effect) add one drop of mixing medium to your brush before dipping it into your eye shadow. Brush your shadow over the lid starting from the lash line upward to the crease.

False Eyelashes

Achieve the sexy cat-like look by adding false lashes to the outer corner of each eye. Take extra care in applying them as close to your real lash  line as possible to create a more natural look. Makeup tricks for black women like this one will add a little oomph to your eyes.

Eye Shadow Colors

Eye makeup tricks for black women include choosing the right colors to accentuate your eyes. Think golds, rich browns, coppers and greens. Try a lot of browns and bronzes, purple is a favorite. Some greens are okay, however, depending on your skin tone it can look yellow greenish. So the darker you are the darker the green should be, the smokey eye look is also cute. Try it with black and a plum purple. Look for earth tones. Browns and tans are ideal. Your hair color is important when choosing makeup tones for your skin tone as well.

All eye shadows are not the same. Women with darker skin tones should consider using a cream eye shadow. Cream eye shadows tend to appear to “pop” a little more. This will also help you avoid the slightly chalky effect that powder based eye shadows can have on darker skin.

Beautiful Eyes Begins With Healthy Eyes

Before you start with your makeup routine you’ll want to make sure your eyes already look their best naturally. Avoid losing sleep and make sure that you are sleeping optimally for your eyes to really shine bright naturally. Creams for under eyes can do wonders to alleviate dark circles or puffy eyes as well as trying LifeCell’s supplements for your beauty. Here are some tips compiled on how to reduce puffy eyes.

Here are some more makeup tricks for black women: try these cute makeup ideas .

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