Crazy Beauty Advice That Our Ancestors Actually Followed!

Advice On Beauty

These are home made beauty remedies of the crazy variety. A woman does go a long way for beauty, but how long did the Japanese women of the Heian period go? Your jaw will drop over the extreme measures that our ancestors took to follow the beauty advice of the day. Don’t try these at home!

1. The Italian Lipstick

During the Italian Renaissance they were way ahead of us when it came to long lasting makeup. The beauty advice of the time was to concoct your own lipstick by mixing the dried bodies of dead insects into a red dye, and then combining it with wax. This wacky beauty trick was a complicated process but the lipstick was able to last for over a week even if the woman washed her face everyday! Sure the makeup lasted but don’t you feel sorry for whoever had to kiss her?

2. The Spanish Complexion

We go a long way for beauty, but would you give yourself anemia or chlorosis just to be in fashion? That’s the advice on beauty that women use to follow in Spain. Though it was called the “Golden Age of Spain” a golden complexion or tanned skin was considered unattractive. In the hopes of achieving flawless alabaster skin young women of this time would eat clay. They chose to do so in the name of beauty even though it would cause them to have anemia or chlorosis! The neighboring country of France was also obsessed with having fair skin. French queen Marie Antoinette and other women would fake it by putting thick layers of white powder (made out of everything from white lead and talc to pulverized bone) combined with wax, whale blubber, or vegetable oil to give the face makeup a greasy consistency that adhered to the skin. For beautiful naturally flawless skin simply limit your time in sun. Check out these beauty tips for fair skin that actually work.

3. The Middle Ages’ Home Made Remedies

Making home made remedies for beauty has been popular since the Middle Ages. During this time women played kitchen beautician by using foods as beauty aids. The beauty advice of the time was to use curdled milk to soothe acne. They also preached that cucumber juice could remove freckles and that boiled nettles would help your complexion. Women even attempted to remove wrinkles with ointments made of wax, almond oil and crocodile fat! For a modern wrinkle remedy that actually works skip the crocodile fat and use a LifeCell Skin Treatment For Tightening.

4. Japanese Beauty

It’s a shame that extensions weren’t available during the Heian Period when a Japanese woman’s beauty was judged by the length of her hair. The ideal was considered almost two feet longer than her waist.

5. Grecian Hair

In ancient Greece having blonde hair was highly sought after. Not many Greeks were natural blondes. Light hair was probably perceived as beautiful because it was so exotic. Women would lighten their hair using plant extracts or arsenic! They also washed their locks with a mixture of ashes, olive oil, and water.

6. Egyptian Beauty

Perfume was central to Egyptian civilization and was used for both cosmetic and medical purposes. Kyphi, one of the most famous Egyptian perfumes, made from flowers, honey, wine and berries, was also prepared as a drink to cure lung, intestinal, and liver problems. Egyptians also took beauty very seriously. The Egyptian word for makeup artist also came from the same word as “writing and engraving.” They’re makeup artists had to be as coordinated and skilled as the writers who engraved beautiful hieroglyphics on walls.

For modern Greek and Egyptian beauty tips check out these exotic beauty tips from around the world.

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