Celebrity Beauty: Celeb Must Have Beauty Products

Beauty Products That Celebrities Use

What is essential for your beauty cabinet? Why not try these celebrity recommendations! Whether it is from their makeup artist or celeb’s themselves here are the celeb must have beauty products that keep them looking gorgeous!

These celeb must have beauty products are essentially few quality products over many lower quality products. Find out what celebrities use for their beauty routines that leave the rest of us inspired by their beauty!

Ashley Greene

Mark celebrity makeup artist Mai Quynh styles Ashley Greene’s natural, tawny glow. He does this with a touch of foundation, a dusting of powder, and a pop of bronzy blush on her cheeks. The right blush and strategic application of makeup is crucial. Celeb must have beauty products include a good arsenal of quality makeup to enhance your naturally beautiful skin.

Kim Kardashian

Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic created Kim Kardashian’s sexy look at the CEW awards. He credits her stunning look to using a good eyeliner. Celeb must have beauty products include a dependable eye liner to make your eyes standout. Kim was once under fire for being accused of using false eyelashes but she came out proving this claim to be untrue. Her eye lashes are naturally long and thick and she just enhances them with eye liner!

Taylor Swift

Teen singing sensation Taylor Swift is a good skin care role model. She attributes her gorgeous skin to using SPF and night creams. You can do the same to keep your skin healthy as well. Beauty products that celebrities use include sun screen. Celebrities usually put effort into their skin care and sun screen is essential. This is what makes Taylor Swift a good skin care role model because she recognizes the importance of sun screen and uses it to maintain her youthful skin.

Scarlett Johansson

The beautiful actress Scarlett Johansson’s updated French twist at the Tony Awards was the work of  celebrity stylist Oribe. He used a dry texturizing spray at the roots before teasing the hair and working it into the chic style. Try using a dry texturizing spray the next time you go out and see the difference it can make in your hair style!

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham was once popularly revered as Posh Spice from the hit cast of the Spice girls. She absolutely loves skin care creams. For a high quality skin care cream to have you looking as good as this mother of 4 try LifeCell’s anti aging skin care treatment. This cream is formulated with retinol and is certainly worthy of Posh Spice’s approval!

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone will forever be remembered for her adorable role as Cher in Clueless. The iconic 90’s actress is now a mother and very conscious about the environment. She is vegan and supports environmentally friendly products. She vouches for organic sustainable products and this is a direction that we should all take. Organic skin care and beauty products should not just be a part of celeb must have beauty products. They should be a part of our beauty regimen as well. Organic products are environmentally friendly and better for your skin. Try switching some of your daily beauty products to organic alternatives.

Celeb must have beauty products are all easy to find and often inexpensive believe it or not. Whether we’re a celeb or not we all just want to care for our beauty!

Heather Herd

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As a new mom healthcare has become important to me on a whole new level. I have a passion for natural beauty and skin care tips. I believe your body is your temple and you should pamper it accordingly.

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