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Enhance Your Eyes With These Makeup Tricks For Green Eyes

Beauty Tips For Green Eyes

Do you have dazzling emerald eyes? Accentuate them with these makeup tricks for green eyes! These tips and color advice will help your eyes shine.

Beauty Secrets From Models: Victoria’s Secret Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips From Models

Victoria’s secret models are renowned as some of the most beautiful models in the world! They look naturally gorgeous and have us wondering how we an do the same. Here are some beauty secrets from models that look fabulous walking the Victoria’s Secret runway.

Timeless Beauty Tips Courtesy Of Marilyn Monroe

Classic Beauty Tips

Though it has been 51 years since her passing, Marilyn Monroe will always be a beauty and style icon. Not many women can say the same! Marilyn was exceptionally stunning and it is no wonder that even to this day women would love to hear her beauty secrets. These timeless beauty tips that Marilyn Monroe […]

Easy Makeup Tricks To Look Younger Than You Really Are!

Makeup Styles To Look Younger

Makeup is a genuinely a form of art in and of itself. Makeup can be a form of self-expression and experimentation. Everyone has their own preference and style for how they wear their makeup. There is one common denominator when it comes to makeup: when people wear it they wear it to enhance their beauty […]

Celebrity Beauty: Celeb Must Have Beauty Products

Beauty Products That Celebrities Use

What is essential for your beauty cabinet? Why not try these celebrity recommendations! Whether it is from their makeup artist or celeb’s themselves here are the celeb must have beauty products that keep them looking gorgeous!

Care For Your Complexion With These Fair Skin Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips For Fair Skin

A fair milky complexion is beautiful, but it requires tender care! Like every different complexion fair skin needs its own set of beauty tips to properly care for it. These fair skin beauty tips will give you some insight on how to care for your beautiful porcelain skin.

Halloween Beauty Tips To Get Your Scare On!

Halloween Beauty Ideas

Boo! It’s time for Halloween! That means it’s time to try sassy daring makeup looks. Halloween makeup is all about experimentation and expressing yourself. What other holiday is there that makes it socially acceptable to dress up as something exciting and different? Take advantage of this dress up day and try these Halloween beauty tips. […]

The Best Beauty Secrets From Celebrities

Natural Beauty Secrets

Celebrities get help from the most coveted makeup artists. Here are some of their best beauty secrets exposed! Enhance you natural beauty with these simple tricks!

Makeup Tricks For Droopy Eyelids: Accentuate Your Beautiful Eyes

Makeup Tricks For Droopy Eyes

Accentuate your eyes with dazzling makeup. Try these makeup tricks for droopy eyelids to conceal sagging lids and brighten your eyes. These tricks will work wonders!

Healthy Skin: Male Grooming Tips For Healthy Skin

Grooming Tips For Men

Men often don’t give their skin the proper care. Caring for your skin will benefit your health and your confidence. These male grooming tips will shed light on what simple tips will keep acne away and aging at bay.

Anti Age Your Look: Makeup Tricks For Older Women

Makeup Tricks For Anti Aging

If you are interested in using makeup tricks for older women then these tips are sure to help you. These 5 tips will knock years off your look. Best of all they are just the simple strategic placement of makeup!

Exotic Indian Herbal Beauty Tips To Use From Home

Beauty Tips Using Herbs

Could there be any other country more exotic and alluring than India? The beautiful women there have been known to take tender care of their beauty. Their culture is among the oldest cultures in the world. Try these Indian herbal beauty tips and you will feel as if you have been transported to a spa […]

Blue Eyed Beauty: Makeup Tricks For Blue Eyes

Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes

Experiment with these sassy makeup tricks for blue eyes. Enhance your eyes with the right colors and techniques! Try showing off your eyes with the following color tips.

Dazzling Eye Makeup Tricks For Black Women

Makeup Ideas For Black Women

Show off your dazzling eyes with these eye makeup tricks for black women! Color tips as well as the best type of eye shadow is covered. Learn what trends are hot for accentuating your eyes.

DIY Dandruff Remedies For Stress Free Hair

Dandruff Solutions

Dandruff can be a flaky nuisance. Combat dandruff with these dandruff remedies. These remedies will improve your scalp health and help you get rid of dandruff.

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