Blue Eyed Beauty: Makeup Tricks For Blue Eyes

Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes

Experiment with these sassy makeup tricks for blue eyes. Enhance your eyes with the right colors and techniques! Try showing off your eyes with the following color tips.

Eye Shadow Makeup Tricks For Blue Eyes

Wear warm, orange-tinted eyeshadow. Blue and orange are opposites on the color wheel, which means they’re complementary and naturally highlight each other. That said, you don’t have to wear oompa-loompa makeup to achieve this effect — a slight orange or bronze tint in your eyeshadow will do the job. Consider these colors:

  • Golden eyeshadow (metallic or matte)
  • Terra cotta or warm browns
  • Coral


Use bronzer. For a subtle golden effect, dust a little bit of bronzer in the crease of your eyelid. Using your fingers or a makeup brush, blend it into the rest of your eyeshadow. The light should catch the bronzer just enough to bring out the blue tints in your eyes.

Use liquid bronzer beneath eyeshadow. If your bronzer isn’t in powdered form, use it as eyeshadow primer. Rub a little over your eyelid, then lightly layer your normal eyeshadow on top.

Experiment With Luxurious Purples

Try purple. Purple eyeshadow can highlight your eyes without looking as extreme as green or blue shadow.

  • Start subtle. If deep plum sounds a little extreme, start out with soft lavender or thistle colors.
  • Go shimmery. A metallic purple can add a lot of drama to your look for a night out.

Smokey Eyes

Do a modified smoky eye. Instead of using heavy blacks and grays to create a smoky look, try dark brown, gold and dusky pink. The warm tones will showcase your eyes. Blue eyes always look great sporting smokey eyes. For ease of application, use smokey eyeshadow sets.

Eye Liner Makeup Tricks For Blue Eyes

Use brown eyeliner. Black might be too overpowering for blue eyes. Instead, use a warm medium brown.

Try beige eyeliner on lower lashes. Instead of using a white eyeliner to disguise your waterline (the pink area between your lashes and your eyes), try beige. It’ll blend in with your skin better, and the warmth will draw out the color of your eyes.

Use turquoise liner. Wearing blue eyeshadow with blue eyes isn’t a great idea, because the shadow can be overpowering. Blue eyeliner, though, can help your eyes pop without competing with them. For a more subtle blue-liner look, only use it on your upper lashes.

Mascara Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes

Try navy mascara. Like blue eyeliner, dark blue mascara can draw attention to your eyes without overpowering them. Just make sure it’s not so blue that it looks like part of a costume.

Use brown mascara. If you’re wearing warm or bronze tones as eye shadow, dark brown mascara can complete the palette.

Creating The Perfect Canvas

Along with these makeup tricks for blue eyes you’ll also want to make sure your eyes are healthy and rested to be the perfect canvas. Treat your eyes and try using the LifeCell healing eye serum which uses anti aging retinol and comes with metal applicator for a cooling application. Sleep well at night, reduce salt in your diet and drink plenty of water. Here are some tips on how to get healthy rested eyes.

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