Beautify Instantly With These Spring Beauty Trends

Beauty Trends For Spring

Quite possibly the most cheerful season, spring is begging for brightly colored makeup. Give in to the flowery vibrancy of spring beauty trends. This is the time to try new things and experiment with your look to freshen it up. Read on to see what tips will keep your spring look fresh and colorful.

For Your Eyes Only

White Hot Eyeliner: White liner beauty trends for spring will give your complexion a bright, fresh feel. Girls with fair skin will benefit the most from this white hot trend. It is a neutral look so you can add some color to your face to complement the white eyeliner with sheer pink lip balm and a peachy blush.

Neon Liner: Neon eye shadow is hot put it can be pretty hard to pull off for a casual look. Instead try neon liner. A single dash of color on your bottom lash line is just right for spring.

Bright Pastel Eyes: Layer on super bright colors for a spin on the smoky eye, only colorful! This will truly accentuate your eyes and give you an edgy look.

Bold Brows: Bold brows will give you a natural, fresh and young spring look. If you’ve over tweezed simply fill in with an eyebrow pencil. Embrace the look of a fuller brow which will attract more attention to your eyes.

Lip Stick

Matte Lips: Not into wearing super bright lipstick? Go for a matte formula instead. It will still provide a colorful look but because it doesn’t shine it will give you a softer spring look.

Bold Lips: Haven’t tried dark lipstick yet? This is the perfect time. Spring is the time for bold dark lipstick like a deep raspberry red. It will bring out your natural flushed skin better.

Nail The Spring Look

Striped Nails: One part edgy, one part preppy. Spring beauty trends for nails will give you a cute look with striped nails. Add more details by including other elements like a heart or star.

Spring Hair

Undone: No flat iron necessary, embrace your natural texture and opt for an “undone” look. Whether it’s in a messy bun or left down, this look is perfect for casual spring beauty trends.

Perfect Spring Skin

Cleanser: With all the beautiful makeup trends brightening up spring don’t forget to care for your skin. Cleanse daily in the morning and evening to remove the impurities that makeup can leave behind clogging your pores. LifeCell Skin Care pH Balanced Cleanser is perfect for keeping your face clean and fresh. After all a clean palette is necessary for the most fashionable makeup.

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