Be A Gentle Beauty: Use Skin Care Not Tested On Animals

Not Tested On Animals Skin Care

They’re cute, they’re cuddly and they’re kind. Who couldn’t love animals? Animals are the most loving and un-judging little things. It might come as a surprise to many people that some people don’t respect animals the way they should be respected. In some cases animals are severely abused in the name of health care and beauty. Many people are standing up for animals and giving them a voice. Products are taking the pledge to be cruelty free. Learn more about skin care not tested on animals and how being kind to animals is beautiful.

A History Of Cruelty

In 1933, 17 women were blinded and 1 died as a result of putting on makeup that was never tested for safety. This prompted the government to take action. Congress passed the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1938, requiring that food, drugs, and cosmetics be verified as safe for human use before they could be sold. Because of this act using animals in testing became widespread. Manufacturers test for various things such as normal use, accidental eye exposure and accidental ingestion. They can put it on the animals’ bare skin or inject it into them. Bottom line it gets worse and more abusive from there. Animals in laboratories are subject to many inhumane tortures. Because of consumers’ rising concern for animals skin care not tested on animals is becoming popular.

Cruelty Free Labeling

Until the federal government acts to establish guidelines that define “cruelty-free” labels, it is up to customers to learn all they can about the manufacturers of personal care products. The Center for Laboratory Animal Welfare urges you to choose products made by companies that are more responsible in their approach to safety testing which include their commitment to developing and promoting alternatives to animal tests.

Be A Gentle Beauty

As you can see skin care not tested on animals is the way to go. Because there are other alternatives that have been found to safely test products, animal testing is a barbaric way of the past. Not tested on animals skin care include the best companies like LifeCell, they have taken the leap for animals. LifeCell Skincare is cruelty-free. Just one more of the many reasons to love this company. Their anti aging beauty products like their anti aging treatment are kind to animals and on your skin. Make it your priority to care for animals, only support products that are cruelty free and be a gentle beauty.

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