Anti Aging Beauty Guide To Caring For Your Collagen

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Wrinkles are caused by the break down of collagen under your skin. This beauty guide will give you a quick start on how to better care for your collagen. Prevent wrinkles and enjoy healthy beautiful skin with these top tips.

Collagen is a wonderful fiber underneath your skin. It can be compared to the metal frame of a camping tent. When the tent material is draped over the metal frame the metal frame holds up the tent keeping it tight and in place. Without a metal frame the tent is loose, saggy and drooping. Your collagen is exactly the same! It is the thick fiber that holds your skin up for plump wrinkle-free skin. As we age certain factors make collagen break down. These tips will show you how to properly care for your collagen so that you can prevent it from breaking down and keep your skin flawless!

Here Are The Top Tips On Caring For Your Collagen:


White flour, white sugar and sodium all bring down your collagen. If you want to prevent and avoid wrinkles stay away from these foods they only cause wrinkles and harm your skin. In place of these foods try adding more fruits and vegetables to your skin care diet. Berries, cruciferous vegetables, orange vegetables and fish are the best for your collagen!


If you are experiencing the effects of collagen loss and saggy skin exercise can help. By exercising you are not only doing your body good but your skin as well. Your skin and collagen can use the extra boost of blood flow and nutrients. Exercising also builds muscle to make up for the lack of collagen. The beauty guide to firming your body includes lifting weights. This is a great way to get rid of saggy skin and tighten up. Weights won’t exactly help your face muscles though. For face firming exercises try these exercises to firm your face.

Extra Help:

If you want to boost firmness from the outside consider a cream. A collagen firming cream by LifeCell skin is a great cream to try. Working through the outside, the ingredients of this cream seep in to deliver much needed help. Retinol and ascorbyl palmitate, two of the creams ingredients, work in these ways: Retinol helps the skin rejuvenate rapidly. So instead of your cells breaking down, this aids your cells by speeding up cell regeneration in your skin. Ascorbyl palmitate or vitamin C helps collagen stay healthy. While scientists aren’t sure if collagen can be helped from outside sources your outer layer of skin does benefit from a¬†firming cream.¬†This guide on beauty recommends looking into the idea of trying a cream.

Above All Costs Avoid The Sun:

The sun is mainly responsible for the break down of your collagen. Through external radiation from the sun your collagen will slowly break down. To prevent this from happening develop sun safe habits. A quick beauty guide to sun safe habits includes always putting on broad spectrum sun screen with a minimum SPF of 15 before you spend time outside. Wear cover ups and seek shade. Try to avoid the sun as much as possible and tanning booths as well. Embrace your natural wrinkle-free skin tone!

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